Clare Hammond plays Etudes

‘An étude is a piece written expressly to develop the technical capacity of a performer and, as such, seems rather a dry proposition,’ writes Clare Hammond in the sleeve notes of her recording of etudes by Lyapunov, Chin, Szymanowski and Kapustin released on BIS recordings. She goes on to say: ‘At its best [though], the étude combines the visceral excitement of technical display with expressive, coloristic and compositional ingenuity.’ Lyapunov's ‘Térek’ from his 12 Études d’exécution transcendante is a piece that demonstrates this. Named after a large river that flows from Georgia into Russia, it is not only technically demanding but also captures the water’s powerful, swirling current in a series of dramatic, rumbling semi-quaver passages. [Playing on LIVE365 Internet radio via 'Music For a Small Room]. Sergey Lyaponov was a Russian composer, pianist and conductor, born in Yaroslavl in 1859. He studied at Moscow Conservatoire in time to attend Tchaikovsky’s composition classes there and he dedicated a large part of his work to folk-song research with Anatoly Lyadov and Mily Balakirev.


VIDEO: An interview with pianist Clare Hammond made to promote the Future Classics tour, in association with the Park Lane Group, of St George's Bristol, Queen's Hall Edinburgh and the Wigmore Hall London in 2012. Official website at