Die Reihe Ensemble

The ensemble Die Reihe was founded in 1958 by Friedrich Cerha and Kurt Schwertsik in Vienna. It is one of the most traditional ensembles for contemporary music in Europe. The name associated with the twelve-tone row. Their programs include chamber music of all styles since 1900, with special emphasis on the Second Viennese School of Arnold Schoenberg , Alban Berg and Anton Webern , as well as all important artistic works since 1945. In addition to serving the Viennese concert series since the early 1960s, the ensemble regularly performs at leading international avant-garde festivals: the Berlin Festival , the Holland Festival, the Warsaw Autumn , the festival Styrian Autumn , the biennials in Venice and Zagreb, musica viva Munich, Hamburg and at the Music of Time, Cologne.
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 VIDEO: Das Ensemble "die reihe", spielt im Hotel Post, Kindberg, anlässlich der "Mürztaler Werkstatt 1984