Ciompi Quartet

The Ciompi Quartet is a string quartet at Duke University where they were founded in 1965 by Italian violinist Giorgio Ciompi. The Quartet has produced twelve recordings since 1991. All members of the Quartet are Duke professors.Web Site They have performed both in the U.S. and abroad, visiting places such as Texas, China, Germany, Serbia and more. VIDEO: The Ciompi Quartet was founded at Duke University in 1965 by the renowned Italian violinist Giorgio Ciompi. All its members are professors at Duke and play a leading role in its cultural life, in addition to traveling widely throughout the year for performances. In a career that includes many hundreds of concerts and spans five continents, the Ciompi Quartet has developed a reputation for performances of real intelligence and musical sophistication, and for a warm, unified sound that is enhanced by each player's strong individual voice. With a maturity and insight born of wide experience, the Ciompi Quartet projects the heart and soul of the music, in a repertoire that ranges from well-known masterpieces to works by today's most communicative composers.